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Welcome to Nelsonville

Incorporated in 1855, Nelsonville is a Hudson Highlands village located in the Town of Philipstown in Putnam County, New York. Its Government consists of a mayor and four trustees as its legislative body, and a Village clerk who doubles as treasurer. 


We're happy you're here! Please take a look around and explore the history of our small village, along with what's going on in Nelsonville today. 


2024/2024 Adopted Budget

2024/2025 Budget Highlights

We are pleased to present a balanced and responsible budget of $359,000, that is well accounted for and works hard for our residents. We have scrutinized every budget line to make sure we are presenting the most accurate picture of future expenses and revenue estimates.


In the next fiscal year, we are taking advantage of the maximum available tax increase below the cap - of 3.46%. That equates to a total increase of only $10K over the current year. We are benefiting from not having taken last year’s available carryover and are able to add an extra $1200 dollars.


We have also benefitted from significant grant funding in the current fiscal year to cover the costs of much needed projects including the storm damage repair, the Sewer Feasibility Study, a court conference phone and building maintenance for the front railings and front step, bathroom floor and shore up the building rafters. We were also able to recoup the full

amount of the County grants approved for the overage of the cost of the HVAC system last year when our sewer study came in under budget.


The biggest threat to our budget is obviously the July 2023 storm repair. These storms deeply impacted our residents individually and as a village and will continue to impact our budget in the coming year as we make the final repairs.

  • While we are extremely lucky to have FEMA contributing 75% of the repair costs and NYS contributing 12.5%, our remaining 12.5% share, is still a lot for our small budget to absorb.


  • Thankfully though, we have 2 funds at our disposal to help pay for the 12.5% share before needing to dip into our Fund Balance - with close to $90K projected in CHIPS funds next year, and about $40K in ARPA $.


Another larger unplanned expense that is carrying over to the next fiscal year and foreseeable future is the doubling of our village insurance due to frivolous lawsuits that have been dismissed by courts but remain in our lookback period for insurance purposes. Even if we are not sued for damages, there are very real and negative consequences to our small village budget when we are sued, between the added costs of legal fees and insurance rates. Our tax increase of $10K does not even completely pay for this over $12,000 increase.



On the positive side – we have some new revenue income that will hopefully be longer term:

  • The hiring of a court prosecutor has paid off and we are on

target to increase our income from Vehicle and Traffic tickets by 80% over last year.

  • We are also getting significant interest on our savings and checking accounts for the first time in a very long time, increasing in the current year by $5500 over last year.

  • And we will be closing out our FY with approximately $468K in the fund balance.

Leaf and Yard Debris Pick-Up

Leaf and yard debris pick-up will be held over a three day period, May 8-10. Please have all debris bagged in paper bags. No large limbs or tree branches will be accepted. Twigs must be bundled. Please do not leave paper bags out in the rain. 

Royal Bulk Trash Pick Up 






  • Couches

  • Mattresses

  • Box springs

  • Stuffed chairs

  • Sleepers

  • Recliners

  • Toys

  • Small appliances

  • Empty water based paint cans

  • One (1) large appliance per household

  • Wooden furniture (i.e., tables, chairs, desks, etc.)



  • Tires

  • Oil, fuel and chemical tanks (propane, butane, etc.)

  • Motor vehicle parts or their components (i.e., fenders, doors, hoods, body sections, interiors, engine blocks, radiators, transmissions, drive shafts, axles, muffler systems, filters, gas tanks, etc.)

  • Hazardous materials such as, but not limited to drain oils, antifreeze coolants, pesticides, chemicals, lead paints, asbestos materials (i.e., insulation, shingles, pipe wrap, etc.)

  • Explosives (i.e., ammunition, etc.)

  • Lead batteries and household batteries (except small batteries used in a normal household)

  • Metal drums (i.e., 55-gallon drums, etc.)

  • Building materials

  • Yard waste (i.e., leaves, trees, limbs and branches, grass clippings, etc.

  • Lawn mowers

  • No appliances with CFCC (Freon) i.e., air conditioners, dehumidifiers

  • Computers and computer monitors

  • TV's or Freon containing items

Royal Holiday Schedule 

  • New Year's Day

  • Memorial Day

  • July 4th

  • Labor Day

  • Thanksgiving Day

  • Christmas Day

Garbage and recycling pick-ups will be one day later (Saturday) than regular pick-ups during holiday weeks. 

Volunteer Firefighter and Volunteer Ambulance Workers Real Property Tax Local Law can be found here



258 Main Street

Nelsonville, NY 10516

​Tel: 845-265-2500

Village Clerk Hours M-F 9-3pm

Police Information

For emergencies, please dial 911


At other times: 

Putnam County Sheriff's Office

845-225-4300 or 845-265-9111

New York State Police



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