OSI Conservation Easement

In 2000, the Open Space Institute (OSI) donated 112.64 acres to the Village of Nelsonville for scenic preservation and passive recreation. At the time, Nelsonville entered into a conservation easement with OSI to prevent commercial development anywhere on this land. The Village is now considering an expansion to this conservation easement that would incorporate a 4.12-acre, Village-owned parcel on Secor Street (currently zoned for Multi-Family; Tax ID# 38.17-1-6).
In this agreement, Nelsonville would maintain ownership of the 4.12 acres, but it would agree never to sell the land to a commercial developer. The land would remain public to Village residents in perpetuity. OSI would partner with the Village to ensure that this land is used according to the original OSI Nelsonville Woods management plan.
Under the terms of this draft agreement, Nelsonville would keep its right to build a structure on this land (water well, playground, public restrooms, education space) so long as it is deemed a benefit to the community.



Please note: The Village is not selling this land to OSI. No money, fees, or taxes would be encumbered by the Village for entering into this agreement with OSI.

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