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Short Term Rentals

The Short Term Rental regulation passed 1/18/2022 and will become effective 1/1/2023

Nelsonville Short Term Rental Applications

Permit Applications are available here. Applications are also available at Village Hall, 258 Main Street. 


Applications for Class A permits are due by November 7, 2022 for the January 1, 2023 start date, however applications will be accepted on a rolling basis as permits are available. There is no limit on the number of Class B permits but applications must be submitted at least 2 months prior to expected rental.


Please contact the Village Clerk at (845) 265-2500 or with any questions.

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Nelsonville Short Term Rental Law Summary

  • Must apply for STR permit and have unit pass inspection to become STR

  • STR may only exist in approved residential units - including 1 family, 2 family, 3 family and accessory apts. No vehicles, sheds, trailers, rec rooms, campers, garages, tents or other temporary structures.

  • # of Class A Permits - 7% of residential housing stock (= 15 out of 215 taxable residential properties)

  • # of Class B Permits – no limit if kept to up to 2 one-week long rentals per year (no more than 14 days), but must be inspected and receive a permit

  • # of days owners must reside in Nelsonville per year – 185 days

  • # of days unit may be rented out – 100 days total per year

  • Guests must follow all Village codes, including noise, and other quality of life ordinances

  • Must provide emergency contact info of owner or designee, who must be within a 30 minute drive in case issues arise.

  • Maximum occupancy will follow State occupancy and applicable fire and building codes for the # of bedrooms. Additionally, no more than 2 adults per bedroom.

  • Gatherings – no more than the max number of guests issued for the permit will be allowed while operated as an STR. An STR may not be rented for any other purpose, commercial or otherwise, such as concerts or weddings.

  • If share a driveway that does not already have an easement in place, must have permission of co-user property owners.

  • Only one permit allowed per property. Property owners who have more than one approved dwelling unit on their property, may rent out up to two units as a Short-Term Rental under one permit, up to the 100 day maximum in total for both units.

  • Must have resided in home for 1 year before one can apply for a permit.

  • Any rental over 30 days is not applicable or governed by this law and does not count towards the 100 day rental cap.

  • Effective Date - January 1, 2023



  • Application must include:

  • Proof of General Liability Insurance of not less than $500,000 per occurrence, identity of title owners of the property, proof that owners occupy the property as their primary residence, emergency contact information of owners and designees, the total number of rooms proposed for short-term rental use.

  • Inspections Required - At time of application for registration and annually on renewal

  • Must be in compliance with Village Code and State Fire, Building and Electrical Codes


  • 1st violation =   $250 fine

  • 2nd violation =  $500 fine

  • 3rd violation =   $750 fine and forfeiture of permit for 3 years

  • Every 10 days the violation continues after an order to remedy shall be an additional offense for which additional fines may be assessed


  • Registration of STR Unit - $250

  • Annual Renewal of Registration of STR Unit - $150

  • First Re-inspection is free

  • Second or more Re-inspection - $50 each

Legislation from Nearby Municipalities:

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