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Fjord Trail

The Philipstown Visitation Data Committee members' summary from 6/6/24 can be found here. 

The HHFT Fjord Trail Use Projections report from 3/6/24 can be found here.


4/3/2024 Statement from the local members of the HHFT Data Committee regarding Fjord Trail visitation projections can be found here


Joint Public Session on the Fjord Trail - May 8, 2023

The Villages of Nelsonville, Cold Spring and the Town of Philipstown held a joint public session on the Hudson Highland Fjord Trail on May 8, 2023. To view the recording of the meeting, please click the link below:

Please find below, links to the full 210 question set, with rankings, as well as a subset of the top 15-ranked questions which were addressed at the May 8th session. All 210 questions have been provided to the New York State Office of Parks, Recreation and Historic Preservation and to the Hudson Highlands Fjord Trail, as well as to elected officials of the three municipalities for the public record. 

Full 210 Ranked Questions - Joint Session on the Fjord Trail

Top 15 Ranked Questions - Joint Session on the Fjord Trail 




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